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The loss of your pet, your little girl or boy, can have significant impact on you and your family. Our companion animals give us support, interaction, love and loyalty; and loss can present one of the difficult times you face.

Grief over the loss of a pet is completely normal and it is often helpful to memorialize your pet through interaction with others. Sharing special memories allows you as well as others to maintain. They are our loves and the time shared with them should be cherished.
We hope this presentation will help someone who has lost a beloved companion and friend work through the choices available of what to do with the remains and how to cope with life after their loss. The page comes from the questions I had when I lost my best friend of 10 years Spike. The vet asked what I wanted done with his remains and suggested I could have him cremated and decide what to do with his ashes when I got them back. When they were returned in a plain white box a friend previously in the same place told me about a shop that had urns. Spike's is a plain wooden box . . . although it is very nice I wish I would have some of these choices to better reflect his personality. Our intent is to present alternatives to you from our searches that might just be a fit.

Additionally, we have included several links one of which will take you to a site where you can take place in a worldwide candle light ceremony to honor our lost ones the others are places to share the story of your best friend with others and to read their stories or to find poems and other expressions of comfort.

Have you ever heard of the Rainbow Bridge? This poem presents a reassuring perspective during your time of despair. Click below and enjoy and share you memories.

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