Hurtta Cooling Vest

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Hurtta Cooling Vest
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New Cooling product from Hurtta.
The Cooling Vest that covers the chest of the dog.

Smart step-in design makes for easy on and off.
little button keeps the vest in place while zipping it so it stays in place and you can use two hands.

Sizes XXS, XS and S have two small D-rings on each side of the zipper to attach your leash to for walks.
See Sizing Chart Image to confirm size.

Make sure to attach the leash clip to both rings as the same time.
The larger sizes do not have the leash attachment due to the weight of the bigger dogs.
Click here for measuring chart.

Directions for use: Rinse the coat thoroughly in cold water. Wring carefully until the coat no longer drips. Put it on your dog.

The coat works through the cooling effect caused by water evaporation.

The duration of the cooling effect depends on air temperature, humidity and the size of the dog.

PLEASE NOTE! A dog wearing a cooling coat should not be left alone in hot weather. The coats cooling effect reduces as the lining dries.

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