Arthramine Maximum - Large Dogs

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Arthramine Maximum - Large Dogs
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Arthramine Tablets -Large Dog - Bottle of 60

All natural, non-prescription. Glucosamine 500mg. ChewableTablets.
Helps stop joint damage and helps repair connective tissue.

Also contains natural ingredients to ease pain and swelling.

Normal: 1 tab per 75 lb.
The tablet can be broken in pieces for your smaller dogs or see the smaller dog product

Detailed Description:

GLUCOSAMINE 500 mg: Helps cushion joints from every day stress. Aids new cartilage and joint tissue development Replenishes body's own supply.



VITAMIN C 120 mg: Plays a primary role in the formation of collagen and connective tissue.

BROMELAIN 50mg: Aids in the production of the body's own anti-inflammatory agents. Derived from pineapple plants

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS 20mg: Improves joint mobility and activity in older animals.

MANGANESE 20mg: Helps create and maintain adequate levels of nutrients required to naturally build and repair connective tissue. A necessary catalyst in the formation of key elements in joint integrity such as chondrotin and other connective tissue components.

2 or more at $19.00 each

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