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Special Selections for your Special One

Special Selections for your Special One

company history

We are still young just established in late 2003. PamperedPetNook.com philosophy is to provide a special selection of novelty and with unparalleled customer service modest prices.

We have searched the internet to locate the products we feature for you. Our intent is to provide a choice selection for multiple Pet needs without all the hype. We feature those products that have caught our eye and hope you as well will be pleased.

Every item you see in our online catalog is in stock and guaranteed ready to ship. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you cannot locate what you are searching for or need help, we will be glad to research and assist in finding just what you have in mind. We look forward to doing business with you and welcome your thoughts.

This site is in memory of all our special babies that have come and gone, especially Chloe, Lucifer, Lynus, Sparky, Spike, Shadow, Caesar, Roger, Rusty and Amos.

about the staff

Joe | Chief Technology Officer

Joe spends his time managing the company and Sharon. 

Sharon | Website Content and Customer Service

Sharon ensures that all the listings are always current. She is responsible for all product images for our featured products and the narrative descriptions.

In my house you will find three cats. Charles, a Seal Point Siamese 3 year old, her little man, Lizzie, a Rag Doll Siamese who believes she owns 'the old man's lap' and Rosie, a Rag Doll Siamese. Occasional visitors, her grand pup is Huxley Igore Bernstein, a pug with a big appetite and Merlin, three grand Cats: Won Ton, an chestnut oriental and Mickey our spotted cat. From a farm background, and home of a Veterinarian, it made only sense her home would at one time or another contain turtles, snakes, frogs, guinea pigs and hamsters to go along with the cats and dogs.

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